The E3 2014 trailer for Zelda Wii U revealed the graphics style to be advanced cel-shading, similar to the cel-shading of The Wind Waker.

 Only with more realistic and detailed textures, lighting, and models.

Little else is known about the graphics, as the actual cinematic shown was extremely short and only 4 native-resolution screenshots were released.

The first topic of discussion was how well The Legend Of Zelda Wii U has transitioned to large-scale open world gameplay on new Nintendo hardware. In short, he says that The Legend Of Zelda series has always pushed its systems to the limit. When the Wii U iteration releases later this year, it will be no different.

In the E3 2014 reveal of The Legend of Zelda for Wii U,

Aonuma spoke of the vast open world in the original NES Zelda game and its Map. This concept slightly changed after the series shifted TCVO 3D polygon graphics. Hardware limitations made it difficult to create one single large landmass for the player to explore; so separate zones were stitched together to make the world seem bigger. However, with the unveiling of the world for this next iteration of The Legend of Zelda, the map now seems to be a great deal larger and more open-ended than ever before.

Aonuma expressed that he wants to take the series back to those roots of a continuous open world, one where players can visit areas out of order. "That's a convention   keep."

In a gameplay demo during The Video Game Awards, Aonuma showed off the gamepad's ability to zoom all the way in and out, showing off a considerably large land mass.

The map appears to contain several landmarks and points of interest, including:

A town-like icon along a river's edge close to Link's location, as well as another icon above with the number 1 next to it.

A peculiar lake just East of the volcano, that seems to resemble a skull.

A crater-looking lake with a small island in the middle (possibly a castle or structure?)

A large canyon separating the Northwest from the rest of the landmass.

A black-hole region in the West that appears to resemble a sinkhole.

A volcano-type area far in the north (possibly Death Mountain), surrounded by small rivers of lava.

Eiji Aonuma showed off a large field area with mountains in the distance. He said players could even go to those mountains if they walked far enough.

All of the footage shown is reported to be in-engine for the new Zelda title.

At E3 2014, Nintendo revealed that they were designing The Legend of Zelda for Wii U around traversing an expansive environment.

Along with Shigeru Miyamoto, Aonuma provided a demonstration of the game back in December.